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Equipment & Facilities

At HittersBox, we employ the same equipment and facilities that have previously only been found at the Major League level. We actually help train the pros, helping them get ready for spring training. Our equipment can help you shorten your learning curve—and even help you in the recruiting process. With our advanced pitching machine training and video analysis, we can send college coaches and pro scouts video of you hitting professional pitches. We have extensive baseball contacts and access to coaches—and we even have scouts on staff!

ProBatter PX2 Professional Baseball System
The ProBatter PX2 Professional Baseball System combines Major League quality pitching with life-size images of actual pitchers throwing realistic pitches, all integrated through computer controls. In a unique process, the ball comes through the screen from the machine perfectly synchronized with the video image.

Use a variety of pitches, locations and sequences to simulate game-like conditions for better quality practice.

Pitch a fastball inside, followed by a slider down and out, then a 12-to-6 curveball down and out—in the normal game-time interval between pitches. The ProBatter also offers a full range of pitcher images, including left-handed or right-handed pitchers throwing from wind-up or the stretch to simulate real game conditions.

“I love it. It’s competitive and you have to compete against it to hit.”
—Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees third baseman

Watch the ProBatter System in Action (Video)
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Pro Mirror Video Upload Training
We also feature the Pro Mirror video training system used by Major League teams. You can receive online batting training anytime, just by uploading a five-minute video of your game or swings in the batting cage—side view, back view and front view, if possible. We provide instant feedback for better visual learning and improvement of your swing.

"ProMirror is without a doubt the best system I have ever seen or used for swing analysis."
—Kevin Long, New York Yankees Hitting Coach

Our permanent facility—partnering with CES Sports

We also partner with Competitive Edge Sports (CES), using their amazing 37,000-square-foot facilities with all-new NFL-style turf to help you train just like the pros. Work on explosive power movements and improve your speed, fielding and bat speed for playing at the next level. CES is the top trainer of professional athletes—with over 1,000 Major League and NFL pros trained to date.


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